Friday, June 2, 2017

Kuya Bon “Berdugo” Bautista - THE YAWYAN ACADEMY

Coming up this week we are excited to have Kuya Bon “Berdugo” Bautista of The Yaw-Yan Academy.  Bon Bautista is a Filipino Martial Arts practitioner specializing in the Empty-hand art of Yaw-Yan. Growing up with a boisterous compulsion towards superheroes, combat cartoons, and fighting movies, Bon’s father gifted him his first boxing gloves at the age of 5. Afternoon playtimes are spent spar-playing and punching away rice sacks filled with mixtures of sand and sawdust.

At age 9, Bon joined Sikaran under Master Carding Ronquillo. Sikaran is an ancient Philippine art of kick fighting that has a concept identical to Karate with more variety of kicking styles and incorporates Arnis in its training.

At age 12, Bon met Master Napoleon Fernandez during a Yaw-Yan demonstration in his school. Yaw-Yan, short for Sayaw ng Kamatayan (Dance of Death) is a modern Filipino Kickboxing art that is based on the striking movements of both soft and hard weapons of Arnis along with Master Nap’s collective knowledge of Filipino, Chinese, and Japanese Martial

During his high school years, Master Nap opened a local Yaw-Yan Temple close by where Bon was a frequent visitor. Having no money at the time, it was only until 2004 that he was able to officially join Yaw-Yan in Pasay under the direction and tutelage of the Dacuyan Brothers – Sir Sario Saladin Dacuyan, Sir Loloy Dacuyan, and Sir Emiliano Zapata Dacuyan.

Through the Yaw-Yan Brotherhood, he cross-trained and collaborated with other chapters and fellow brothers. Bon trained Buno (Filipino Wrestling) under fellow Yaw-Yan Gilbert Ibanez and Jauhn Dablo.

In 2005, Master Nap moved to Yaw-Yan Ardigma in Makati, a chapter founded by fellow Yaw-Yan Chris Romine, where Bon coaches and helps trains fellow Yaw-Yan brothers. He received his Ardigma training under Master Nap during this time.

Being an avid FMA practitioner, Bon was also accepted to train Kali De Leon, founded by Guro Jun De Leon, under Kuya Roland Isla whom later named the group as Isla Mandirigma Kali.

To see him in action check out this vid by the 413Group: Bon and the Fighting Style of YawYan

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