Sunday, October 13, 2013

Help support for GrandMaster Narrie Babao's Funeral/Memorial Service

Help support for GrandMaster Narrie Babao's Funeral/Memorial Service

Support for GrandMaster Narrie Babao's Funeral/Memorial Service. He was a very loving Father, Husband and role model to the Filipino Martial Arts community and beyond.

Yesterday afternoon, 30 minutes before he was going to check out of the hospital and come home… he suffered a stoke which was followed by a heart attack. The team of doctors did everything they could to bring him back. After his immediate family arrived at the hospital to say their goodbyes, he peacefully passed away and joined our heavenly father. We love you dearly Dad!

Narrie Babao was a very loving man and person who was very passionate about the things he loved. He retired from the Navy as a Master at Arms Chief. He was also part of the San Diego Police Department following his time in the military.

To most of the world, he was known as GrandMaster Narrie Babao - "Last of a Dying Breed"

Narrie was the Highest Authority of the Babao Arnis, composed of Barangas Baston, Doce Pares, Villabrille-Largusa Kali. He was a 9th Grade GrandMaster certified by SGM Cacoy Canete and also the first Weapons Sparring Champion in the United States. Using 2 rattan sticks, he fought and defeated  contestants using nunchacku, bo and shinai. 

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