Friday, September 5, 2014

LSAI from the student perspective with two of Master Jon Escudero’s students: Angelo Garcia and Samuel Carus

This week we will be talking LSAI from the student perspective with two of Master Jon Escudero’s students: Angelo Garcia and Samuel Carus.

Angelo Garcia is based out of Washington DC, where he has founded the D.C. Lightning Scientific Arnis group.  Like many Filipinos abroad, even though he had been involved in martial arts since he was seven years old, Angelo was unaware that there was such a thing as Filipino Martial Arts.  Ironically, he was first introduced to the idea of Filipino Martial Arts when he moved to Israel to begin his undergraduate studies.  His American and European Jewish classmates, who had done Krav Maga for years, asked him to teach them some Arnis since it was his national sport.  A few months later, Angelo attended a Filipino cultural event where Guro Jon Escudero was presenting and has been hooked on Lightning Scientific Arnis ever since.

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Samuel Carus is based out of Boston Mass.  His martial arts journey began at the age of four,with Fu Hok Tai He Morn, a family system of Kung Fu, under Sifu Calvin Chin in Boston. Under Sifu Calvin, he competed in numerous kung fu form and sanshou tournaments (and karate) and was even nominated for the Kuoshu Hall of Fame.  In college, Sam helped found and captained the Carleton College Mixed Martial Arts Club- a club for mixing and sharing our various arts (not to be confused with MMA, the sport), and became involved with Western boxing under trainer Gordon Marino. He first fell in love with FMA when he moved to Minneapolis and began training at the Minnesota Kali Group (MKG) with Guro Rick Faye. He eventually moved to Washington, D.C. for work and had the great opportunity to train with Angelo Garcia and meet Guro Jon Escudero. Following this, Sam was able to go to Israel and train with Guro Jon extensively.

Our hosts will be Guro Federico Malibago, Guro John Bednarski, Guro Mark Basel and anyone else we can convince to join in on the madness.

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