Thursday, February 19, 2015

FMATalk Live wants to talk to you LA

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Hi All,

If you listened to the latest podcast, you know that coming this March, FMATalk Live Host Federico Malibago will be in the LA area for one week only, and he wants to talk to YOU!!!!!!!  Sage Grandmaster who has contributed amazing things to FMA, I want to talk to YOU!!!!!  Hard working earnest teacher, dedicated to teaching quality FMA, I want to talk to YOU!!!!!  Dedicated FMA practitioner who trains hard as much as they can, , I want to talk to YOU!!!!!  Irate FMATalk Live listener who is just really wants to beat me up, well you sure can but afterwards I want to talk to YOU!!!!! New to the art, yesterday was your first introduction to FMA, , I want to talk to YOU!!!!! 

All joking aside, if you want to meet up, play, and/or chat/record an episode please feel free to message me, Federico Malibago, on FB or our BZ LA rep Cutler Dozier on Facebook and we can figure something out.

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