Thursday, September 12, 2013

Datu Kelly Worden - founder of Natural Spirit International/Worden Defense System- Arnis Escrima Eskrima Kali

Coming up this week we are excited to have Datu Kelly Worden founder of Natural Spirit International/Worden Defense System.  Datu Kelly  Worden began his personal defensive training in western boxing at the tender age of eight years old. Since that time, he has trained in a multitude of systems; what arts he has not researched his students have. As a young man the reality of street violence was a way of life and as such Kelly always sought to functional self-defense in his personal research.  Mr. Worden instills the Warrior Credo and ethical values of “Honor, Trust, and Respect.”   Within Natural Spirit Int’l this Warrior Credo for personal development still exists today, integrated into all aspects of the system and balanced to train the Mind, Body, and Spirit as a way of life rather than just seeking physical fighting skills.

Mr. Kelly S. Worden is the founder of Natural Spirit International, a system that embraces all styles by “Connecting the Systems.” All elements of personal defense are researched including the historical significance of foundational forms passed from generation to generation from the original founders of all martial arts. Worden relates “movement simply as movement,” with emphasis on strategic variables of intent cross referencing lethal weapon tactics into a devastating unarmed close quarter approach adapted to each individual practitioner.

Worden formulated his no nonsense conceptual approach to street defense known as Renegade JKD, and has received high kudos from Bruce Lee’s original students including: Bruce’s first students Jesse Glover and Ed Hart. JKD enforcer Richard Bustillo certified Worden as a 2nd Generation Jeet Kune Do instructor and a Senior Instructor of the world renowned IMB Academy. The Patriarch of Jeet Kune Do and living legend Taky Kimura refers to Worden as an “American Icon of Progressive martial Arts”.

Mr. Worden has produced dozens internationally acclaimed instructional video programs and is the inventor of the popular self-defense tools: The Travel Wrench, The Saf-T-Wrench, Silent Fighter Training Dummy Simulator, and the WORTAC Tactical Knife.   Additionally he dedicated many years as the “On the Edge” radio talk show host, authored countless articles on reality based self-defense, weapons training and was a former editor for Full Contact and Fighting Knives Magazines.

The combative efficiency of his system has been embraced by the U.S. Army 1st. Special Forces Group at Ft. Lewis Washington. Inspired, Mr. Worden to formulated the Worden Defense System Module Training Manual and curriculum which earned hm the title of Datu and Senior Blade-Master of Modern Arnis in 1988 from Grand Master Remy Armador Presas. Kelly S. Worden’s innovations  has  recently been acknowledged by martial art historian and living legend Professor Leonard Trigg. During the 33rd Annual N.S.I. Water and Steel Training Camp 2011, he was recognized for his lifelong commitment to the arts by the American Institute of Martial Science and awarded certification and the title “Professor of Martial Arts” by Dr. James R. Samuels. This was presented directly from Professor Leonard Trigg. Innovator, Datu, Grandmaster, or Professor of Martial Arts, through it all Kelly S. Worden has maintained a humble existence and approachable status in the arts he treasures so dearly. “Call me what you want, just say it with a smile; if I earn your respect then you can address me with a title if you so choose!”

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Our hosts will be Guro Federico Malibago, Guro John Bednarski, Guro Mark Basel and anyone else we can convince to join in on the madness.

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  2. Awesome interview, its been far too long since I last spoke with Datu. It was good to hear his voice and reminisce about the "good ol" days of training with Natural Spirit and my "homies" from T-Town. (Prior comment deleted due to spelling errors)

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